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Wheel sets SMPRO

 FX WHEELS offers a range of SMPRO wheel sets dedicated to MX and Supermoto.
Sets include CNC machine alloy hubs, stainless steel heavy duty spokes and SMPRO rims, for a racing look and durability.
Rims ad hubs available in 8 colors: silver, gold, black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow.
SMPRO wheels available in different sizes: from diameter 12" to 21" width from 1.60" to 5.50".
Colors mix and match upon you request.
For example:
Gold hub and black rim
Blue hub and black rim
Black hub and red rim, etc...
You also might build your own wheels with Camo SMPRO rims:
Black/gold ; Black/Blue ; Black/red
Several other possible combo:
Colored spokes: Black, Blue, Red, Gold
Colored nipples
Nickel treated hubs